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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

St. Paul's Parish in Marikuppam KGF

St. Paul's Parish in Marikuppam KGF

St. Paul's Parish in Marikuppam KGF was established on 15th June 1948. The Diamond Jubilee of St. Paul’s Church was celebrated in 2009 marking 60 fruitful years of pastoral ministry.

The Parish was given to the care of the Precious Blood Missionaries from January 1995. It holds a very important place in the history of the Precious Blood Missionaries in India, as it was the first Mission opened by the Precious Blood Missionaries thus opening the doors to Pastoral activity of the Missionaries.

 St. Paul’s Church Marikuppam has a beautiful Grotto dedicated to Our Lady of Fatima that was inaugurated and blessed on the 13th May 1949.  The grotto and the church were renovated for the Diamond Jubilee celebrations.

St.PaulSt. Paul’s Church is the 4th oldest Roman Catholic Church to be established in KGf under the Archdiocese of Bangalore. Our lady of Victories church (originally St Mary’s Church) was the first Roman Catholic Church to be established in KGF in 1890, St Sebastian’s Church in Coromandel was established in 1899, St Teresa’s Church in Robertsonpet in 1929, and St Paul’s Church in Marikuppam / Mysore Mine was established in 1948. These were some of the oldest Catholic Churches in KGF

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