30th December 2012

Hello Bridget,

I received the book. Thank you.

 Wow. The book was excellent and brought out pangs of nostalgic memories. It is amazing that you have retained in your memory even  incidents that others may not even consider mentioning. You have done a very meticulous research in bringing out several remarkable facts about KGF and the life of the past generations.

In every page that I open (I have not read it in full) I can identify myself and my boyhood days. I was just laughing aloud reading the piece about Bombay Muttai which is exactly  what I remember to this day.

About Oorgaum Hall I have seen almost every movie screened there. I cannot forget Ben Hur when people went in to raptures when Jesus was being crucified. Cries of Yesu, Yesu (in Tamil) filled the house. Can I forget John Wayne, Clark Gable or the terrifying Horror of Dracula? Incidentally my uncle Ramaswamy used to issue tickets and sometimes one Coorgie gentleman Mr. Aiyappa did that.

My uncle was also manager in Oorgaum Dairy. We boys used to frequent the dairy and get free ice creams along with an assortment of expletives.  I have not tasted that kind of ice cream anytime, anywhere after that.

No story about KGF is complete without the standing monuments called the shafts. The Edgar shaft of Mysore mines, Giffords of Champion reef, Bullen shaft and Oakleys (more than 100 yrs and standing majestically even today in front of the magnificent ‘cyanide’ dumps of oorgaum), Henry’s, Tenant’s and Golconda shafts.

Ulagamathi mountain behind the Dairy with it’s big iron crucifix needs special mention.

I have lot of inputs in case you go for another edition of the book.

I thank you for bringing out memories of the humble, contented and beautiful life of KGF in contrast with the jarring artificiality of Bangalore.

Happy New Year



  1. Ms Bridget

    I am extremely excited to read just a few articles/letters. I couldn't believe my own eyes that there are some blogs created for KGF no wonder its land of gold. Its not jst land of gold alone but golden people. I have travelled quite a bit in India and abroad, but KGF and the people of KGF am yet to come across. Its not because of its my birth place. Its such a simple living yet a very fine and balanced living.
    When recently visited after more than 30 years. I was shocked to see that entire mining areas including the BGML hospital areas which has completely ruined almost ghost living conditions. Those years back that entire mining areas used to be so beutiful both day and night it used to be lively.
    Alas even if rs. 100 is given and Pongal and Deepavali advances, leave alone bonus, my God what a festive look at Robertson pet and Anderson pet (we called as beershop).
    Likewise I can go on recollecting my childhood days.
    truly golden days, though I myself is brought out in a very ordinary family in mines areas just struggling to meet my ends. Still those days were full of joy fulfillment and contendedness.
    I left almost thirty years and now am in Mumbai, yet there is not a single night I failed to dream my native KGF.
    Fantastic Blog very well maintained and rich content. I wonder if any other site which has so much info on KGF hats off to you Madam.

    A Karunagaran


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