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Re: Kolar Gold Fields Monday, March 14, 2011 1:17 PM

From: "Derrick" To: "Bridget kumar"
Hi Bridget,
Have thoroughly enjoyed reading your 'Kolar Gold Fields'. It certainly brought back all the memories of my childhood.After our fathers death in a trajic motor accident in Madras,( 1940 ) my sister Gwen & I were sent to be looked after my Aunt Ada Jones ( nee Padua) & her husband Bill Jones, who was head of the 'carpenters shop' in Champion Reef, which supplied all the wooden material for the mines i.e. props for the tunnels etc.My Aunty was theatre sister at Company Hospital for twentythree years, under Doctor Dunkley and Dr. Rowntree. My mother, a trained nurse, joined the I.M.N.S as a private in the army and to K.G.F. rose to Leut. Colonel, obtaining the highest award in nursing (Royal Red Cross)from King George VI, for her services in WWII.

Ms.Parkinson was head of K.G.F. School when I was there and when she retired Mr. Jonas took charge.I am sure that at least one of your Aunties taught me.Have often thought about Mr. Sterling, who taught me Geography and English literature.He was instrumental in making me want to see the world, which I managed to do, but not quite all of it.I was packed off to the UK, ( much against my wishes) in 1952., and it was from there that I managed to travel extensively.

When I was attending school, we travelled to and from school in what we called The Band Bus' This was a huge wooden carriage on four wheels,drawn by bulls and the reason for its name is because it was used to carry the army brass band, which played at the main dances when my Uncle, Bill Jones was secretary of Champion club.By the way, there were two of these carriages which took us students to and from school and when the carriages were near each other,we raced to see would win the race to school.Great fun!

Yes, I have been back many times.Spent eight years ,living in Whitefield from 1988 to 1996.My recent visit was only last year in July.

In 'Town', ( Robertsonpet ) if you know Ivor Steiner, please let me know how I can contact him.He was in my class at school. There was another vendor who made pork sausages and his cry was, 'Pork my sausage mam"What laughs we had.

Enjoying the results of your recipes. Thanks.
Sincerely and warm regards

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