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Bridget White Kumar's book about Kolar Gold Fields is a vivid and fascinating account of the glorious history of this mining town . The book holds the readers' attention from start to finish and is virtually unputdownable. It takes the readers over a time span of about 110 years and vividly and succintly depicts the initial difficulties faced by the founders of the mines and their daring and pioneering spirit and the subsuquent travails and turmoil of the miners themselves. It evokes tumultous nostalgia in the readers' hearts especially in those who have had the very special privilege of being born and brought up in this very special place. Bridget's book is a veritable literary masterpiece which is spellbinding, marvellous, stirring and passionate. The most outstanding feature of this book is that it is thoroughly and meticulously researched with regard to facts and figures. Bridget has taken extreme pains to collate all relevant detail with regard to Kolar Gold Fields to ensure that the book is factually correct in every way. The book also presents to the general reader an entralling glimpse of the social life of Kolar Gold Fields and its many facets and nuances over a fairly long period of time. Even details with regard to her family life have been enunciated in the book in fair measure. Bridget's book reaffirms the well known truism that a part of the place of Kolar Gold Fields lives for all time to come in the hearts of all people who hail from this place. I am certain that Bridget's book will continue to be read and greatly appreciated by a very great majority of readers across the English speaking world. Bridget is an author in the likes of Wilbur Smith and Eric Lustbader. I am certain that every individual who reads this book will profit from its contents in some manner. I wish her tremendous success in all her forthcoming ventures.

Sridhar Srinivasan
Senior Accountant,

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