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Dear Bridget
I cannot commend you enough for putting this Book together – it was wonderful to read all the happenings and the wonder of GOLD amist our innocent environment – that was our BREAD!!! If only we knew then what we know now! I have two daughters who have read the book and found it awesome – my older one has expressed a desire to go there!!! I had a lot of nostalgic memories reading it – left the Fields Nov 1964 and had no contact whatsoever about our lovely home in Mysore Mine. Your description of `your` home only depicts ours!! I had occasions to go the Colonial Club for their dances and jam sessions, as well as the Catholic Club.........(I knew Patsy White quite well)...What you have written only brought back happy and nostalgic memories. I remember it all too well!!! Might have caught up with a few people here and there – but no specifics..I cannot thank you enough for going through all the trouble in mailing this Book to me. I shall treasure it.

Best of luck in your future endeavours
Joy Roidi

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