SNIPPETS OF GOLD: An Anthology of Short Stories and Tales set in the beautiful Kolar Gold Fields of yesteryears.


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This Anthology of Short Stories and tales is set in the beautiful KGF of yester years. It is a fictious account which details the life in the Mining Colony of KGF of people who in fact actually lived there and some events that took place as well. Stories that highlight the prevailing social practices in vogue at the time. When Social interaction was a well-mannered affair, and governed by many rules of etiquette and social visits were through invitation only!
Dinner parties in those days were very 'swank' affairs, where men wore tuxedos and black ties, and the women long beautiful gowns with matching gloves and corsages, and the Butler ensured that the Dinner Table was beautifully laid and sometimes, with fine pieces borrowed from Butlers of neighbouring bungalows. The owners none the wiser of their Silverware gracing someone else’s Dinner Table!
The human touch is brought in with Mr. Frank Adison and Mr. Allan Riley, two bad-tempered Englishmen who were so set in their ways. One hated children, while the other hated dogs in equal measure! The two spinster sisters Miss Amy Richmond and Miss Prudence Richmond who were so different from each other in temperament.
Mr. Samuel Sterling the Headmaster of the KGF Boys School, who was a legend and an expert in English Literature and History but had no patience for slackers and duffers.
Gossip, Intrigues and scandals were part and parcel of the Mining Colony and added ‘grist to the mill’. Mr. Hoskill and Mr. Barlow learnt their lesson the hard way and it was all well that ends well for Beverly Baton and Gary Stoker.
KGF was well known for the Dancers and Balls held at the Skating Rink since times immemorial. Local Anglo-Indian Bands and Bands from Bangalore and Madras played at these dances and kept the people on their toes dancing the night away with all the old songs and tunes. The young and old and even babies all turned out in their fancy Togs, had a great time in a beautifully decorated hall.
The local Tamil urchins were always thrilled to see the pretty British and Anglo-Indian ladies walking on the road, smartly dressed in their pretty Frocks, high heeled Court Shoes and carrying their matching handbags and parasols. On seeing them they would chant a small rhyme in the Tamil which roughly translated meant, “lady, lady you are the fisherman’s darling. He will buy you half a coconut, coffee seeds and mangoes”! The origin of this particular Ditty is not known but it was chanted by the miners’ children all over the place. Mrs. Thompson however set them right on one occasion!!
English was the mother tongue of the Anglo-Indian community. However, even though they spoke the Queen’s English well and had a very good command of the language they couldn’t quite speak it with the crisp accent of the British and spoke English with an accent and lilt entirely their own. They also had quite an unique turn of phrase that was original and synonymous only to the Anglo-Indian Community. This colloquial way of speaking has since died out.
Anglo-Indian weddings in KGF were grand occasions. They were homely and full of fun. Since KGF was such a small place, everyone knew each other. Most of the Anglo-Indian families were invited for every wedding either from the Bride’s side or the Bridegroom’s side. Invariably, almost all the Weddings Receptions in Kolar Gold Fields were held at the Skating Rink.
There were also downsides to living in the Gold Mines. Mine accidents and Air Blasts were occupational hazards that had to be faced sometimes tragic and fatal. Rock Bursts and Air Blasts were common occurrences underground in KGF. People residing in mining colonies were used to the tremors and rumbles under their homes, but if the tremors or shakings were severe, then they left everything and rushed outside to stand in the clear, away from buildings, till everything settled. Life went on as usual.
This Anthology of 12 Short Stories and tales, set in the beautiful gold mining colony of Kolar Gold Fields of yester years, is a fictitious account which details the life in the Mining Colony, of people who in fact actually lived there and some events that took place as well. It will delight the imagination and emotions of the reader and evoke a sense of nostalgia for those old forgotten times, when life was uncomplicated and simple and folk were neighbourly and friendly.


“Snippets of Gold from the Paradise of yore – KGF the Little England” is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to actual events or persons, living or dead is entirely co-incidental. It is set in the beautiful surroundings of Kolar Gold Fields, a mining town that I grew up in. Certain places and institutions that I have mentioned in my account, still stand today. It reflects my recollections of experiences of that time. Space and time have been rearranged to suit the convenience of the narrative. Names of the characters, dialogues and events have been created.  The opinions expressed by the characters should not be confused as the author’s opinions

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