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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Kolar Gold Fields Down Memory Lane - A Nostalgic Book on KGF - Author Bridget White

This book “Kolar Gold Fields – Down Memory Lane - Paeans to Lost Glory” has been authored by me as a tribute to KGF and the happy and sublime childhood I spent there.

KGF also known as the Little England was Heaven on earth for those of us who had the privilege of living there. We were special people living in that very special place.

My book succeeds in capturing and preserving for posterity the nuances and ethos of a bygone era. It is a small attempt on my part to record for posterity, way of life in that once glorious vibrant place called Kolar Gold Fields and at the same time keep it alive in the hearts of its erstwhile inhabitants, which still beats for it. It is a small legacy that could / should be passed on to future generations.

For copies of this "Must Have" Book on our beloved KGF, please contact me: Bridget White Kumar
Tel (0091) 080 25504137 / 9845571254 / 9844044236 /

“Kolar Gold Fields – Down Memory Lane - Paeans to Lost Glory”undertakes a nostalgic journey of almost 150 years right from the days of the origins of the Kolar Gold Mines, its historical and mythological connections, the arduous and difficult lives of the miners in those early days, the growth of the mines under the British Company of John Taylor and Sons, its gradual decline, and the ultimate closure of the once prosperous Kolar Gold Mining Company in 2003 Thus ending a golden chapter in History, which now lies buried in the annals of time.

It then moves on to give the reader a brief insight into the lives of the Anglo-Indian Community (a living legacy of the British Raj) in the early days of KGF. It brings out vividly the glorious and cosmopolitan life led by that tiny vibrant community in KGF who lived in sprawling bungalows with beautiful gardens and domestic helpers at their beck and call. It recalls the grand Christmas Balls and Dances held at the Skating Rink and the Jam Sessions and Pound Parties in Buffalo Lodge.

It finally focuses on the author's childhood memories of growing up as a young Anglo-Indian child in KGF in the 1950s and 60s - home, family, school, playmates, entertainments, games, picnics, etc. It recalls memories of old familiar haunts and landmarks of KGF and the people who were an indispensable part of life in those days. This golden period of KGF post Independence was the period of transition, when the influences of the best of old Colonial India merged with the new emerging independent India.

Sunday, April 10, 2011


The Five Lights Lamp Post now has a picturesque landscaped garden maintained by the Bharat Earth Movers Limited around it complete with a beautiful fountain. The garden is resplendent with green lawns and beautiful flowering plants unlike the rest of KGF which is otherwise dry and brown. They have also installed a statue of a miner with a power drill in his hand in the garden as a tribute to all the miners who worked in KGF.

The Bharat Earth Movers Limited have taken over the Nandydroog Mine Workshops close to the Five Lights to manufacture rail coaches and are providing employment to quite a few youngsters in KGF. This part of KGF looks prosperous and well maintained.