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Tuesday, August 21, 2012


This is a report on the major fire that broke out on the 13th May 1942 at 17.23 hours in the Stopes north of Bullen Shaft at the 59th level. According to the report 576 men were underground at the time. As per proceedure Eucalyptus was sent down the air mains to warn the men of the danger of the fire. Two British officers Mr Stocken and Mr Goodman went down Bullen Shaft to investigate. The Mining Rescue Station Team under Mr Jeffery arrived in a few minutes and all the workers were evacuated and brought up through Bullen Shaft and Okley Shaft. No loss of lives were reported. Read the whole report below.

Sincere thanks to Mr Pete Symth of the UK for sending me this report which was part of his father's memorabilia of KGF.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012


This is a picture of our old house in Nandydroog Mine where we lived for more than 25 years. My grand parents lived in the same house for more than 55 years before us. Our house was just opposite the Skating Rink and Nandydroog Club. The house had a beautiful Tiled Roof and a beautiful garden lovingly attended to by my mum and our Malis Ellappa and Muniappa. The beautiful hedge and gardens are no more and just live in our memories. However, the Peepel tree planted by my mum is still standing tall. Unfortunately, the 2 Jack Fruit trees and all the fruit trees are no more. My dad retired from the mines in 1977 and we shifted to Robertsonpet. We left this house with heavy hearts but took with us many beautiful memories.

Adjoining our house were 4 shops - Pansy Tailor's Shop which later became Gopal Tailor's Shop, Basha's Shop also known as Ahmed Shop, a small Eatery or Hotel which had some amazing short eats such as bondas, bajjis, puffs, etc and an a sweet called kajur. The last shop was Ebrahim's or Abhram's Shop. Our childhood revolved around these 4 shops. Sad to see their present condition.

Below is a picture of Pansy Tailor's Shop at the far left with its Trellis still intact but with lots of tiles missing from its roof. Pansy tailor passed on the shop to his assistant Gopal so it later came to known as Gopal Taylor Shop.

Basha's Shop also known as Ahmed Shop is in the middle and is now closed.Basha and his wife have since passed away. His sons Afzal and Amjath live in Bangalore. The tiles are missing from the roof.

The Hotel or Eatery is still there but has changed many managements over the years. They still blast tamil film songs on their old radio. The Bondas, Vadas, Kajurus are still as tasty as they were in our childhood.

Abraham or Ebrahim's shop is at the far right and is still in business.  His shop was full of tasty treats for us when we were kids. Especially remember the pottu kadla, Fried peas, Jignut toffee and kamarkuts.

Ibrahim is now a grand old man of 85 years but still going strong. God bless him.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Kolar Gold Fields - NOSTALGIA: St. Paul's Parish in Marikuppam KGF

Kolar Gold Fields - NOSTALGIA: St. Paul's Parish in Marikuppam KGF

St. Paul's Parish in Marikuppam KGF

St. Paul's Parish in Marikuppam KGF

St. Paul's Parish in Marikuppam KGF was established on 15th June 1948. The Diamond Jubilee of St. Paul’s Church was celebrated in 2009 marking 60 fruitful years of pastoral ministry.

The Parish was given to the care of the Precious Blood Missionaries from January 1995. It holds a very important place in the history of the Precious Blood Missionaries in India, as it was the first Mission opened by the Precious Blood Missionaries thus opening the doors to Pastoral activity of the Missionaries.

 St. Paul’s Church Marikuppam has a beautiful Grotto dedicated to Our Lady of Fatima that was inaugurated and blessed on the 13th May 1949.  The grotto and the church were renovated for the Diamond Jubilee celebrations.

St.PaulSt. Paul’s Church is the 4th oldest Roman Catholic Church to be established in KGf under the Archdiocese of Bangalore. Our lady of Victories church (originally St Mary’s Church) was the first Roman Catholic Church to be established in KGF in 1890, St Sebastian’s Church in Coromandel was established in 1899, St Teresa’s Church in Robertsonpet in 1929, and St Paul’s Church in Marikuppam / Mysore Mine was established in 1948. These were some of the oldest Catholic Churches in KGF