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Monday, March 28, 2011

Gymkhana Ground in Oorgaum KGF

The Gymkhana Ground in Oorgaum is close to the First Grade College and the Oorgaum Post Office.

It was the only Stadium in KGF where all the Sports meets and big Political Meetings were held.

During the days of the British, the Gymkhana Ground was used for Equestrian and Horse racing events as well as for Polo and Hockey matches.

Even in those days, the Gymkhana Ground was the only huge ground with a single covered stadium in the whole of KGF.

Thursday, March 24, 2011


Fresh pasteurized Milk was supplied to every mining house, every morning by the Mining Oorgaum Dairy in glass pint bottles sealed with a foil lid with the date embossed on it. It was left on our door steps by Four O’clock in the morning. The milk supplied by the Diary was fresh and creamy. As children we all grew up on this milk. The Oorgaum Dairy had its own herd of healthy Jersey Cows and a separate section for pasteurizing the milk. The whole operation was carried on in a very hygienic way and when I was young I remember that Mr. King, an officer of the Company was in charge of the Oorgaum Dairy. The Milk from this dairy was supplied to the whole Mining area. I still remember the cold milk, Ice creams and milk shakes we enjoyed at the Oorgaum Dairy that was just opposite to the Bombay Camp Cricket Grounds. Sadly the Oorgaum Dairy is also now closed.

Sunday, March 13, 2011


The Bombay Camp was the name of the Cricket grounds in Oorgaum KGF.

This Cricket Ground was just behind the First Grade College and close to the Oorgaum Dairy. Cricket was said to have originated in KGF as early as the 1880s when the John Taylor and Sons Company commenced mining operations here. KGF was said to have produced a number of eminent cricketers such as Ren Nailor and John Snaize in the 1940s. Ren Nailor played for the Madras Presidency in those days. Another famous cricketer from KGF was Suri Gopalakrishna who was born in the 1940s and later played for Bihar and Kerala. Bombay Camp has some important history behind it as well. It was actually an improvised airfield during the Second World War and was known as the Kolar Gold Fields Air field. The 1673 Heavy Conversion Unit was stationed here at this airfield

This is an excerpt from my book KOLAR GOLD FIELDS DOWN MEMORY LANE - Paeans to Lost Glory. Lots more information about the Bombay Camp Cricket Grounds in my book.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Telephone Exchange at Oorgaum

This is a picture of the Telephone Exchange at Oorgaum which was taken recently. This Exchange was always busy in the good old days with all the wires humming. It is now unused and locked up like the rest of the mining offices.