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Monday, October 6, 2008

St Joseph's Convent , Champion Reefs, KGF

These are pictures of my old school St Joseph's Convent, Champion Reefs, KGF.

I was privileged to have studied in St Joseph’s convent school at Champion Reefs. St Joseph’s convent came into existence almost 150 years ago. Our schooling years were great thanks to our wonderful teachers. They instilled the basic human values in us that still hold good today. They taught us the importance of hard work, dignity, honesty, integrity and to strive for excellence in whatever we did. They motivated us to rise above the mediocre and strive for bigger things. So many of the old pupils of St Joseph’s and KGF School hold high positions the United Nations and the World Bank. They are scientists and doctors, principals and engineers around the world. I have very vivid childhood memories of buying jaggery and ground nut toffees through the Trellis of the Convent Kitchen . Also buying tuck such as green mangoes and guavas with chillie powder from the women sitting out side the school gate. Also borums, gutty palams ( don’t know the English word) green tamarind etc. Also Indian Corn and groundnuts.

I'm including some of the comments I've received about our School St Joseph's Convent below:
greatunknown Says:
June 23, 2007 at 8:14 pm
Excellent… oh to be a boy again!

Vijay Says:
June 25, 2007 at 7:17 pm
Excellent post… I lived in KGF till I was 5 yrs old… remember some things vaguely esp the Christmas celebrations.. Mom used to teach at KGF school as well…

latha vidyaranya Says:
une 26, 2007 at 10:01 pm
hello bridget, i passed this article on to my co-sister Ramadevi, affectionately called ‘rammi’ who shares these childhood memories with you. she said she knows you very well, that you lived next door to hers, her sister sandhya and her brother kesri also remember you and that she had even called you on phone recently after seeing your article on some recipes in the news paper. rammi sends her love to you.

Bridget White kumar Says:
June 27, 2007 at 2:09 pm
Hi Vijay and the great unknown
Thanks for your comments on KGF Nostagia..some childhood memories. I’m sure it bought back to mind the lovely place that KGF was in those days.
Warmest Regards

Bridget White kumar Says:
une 27, 2007 at 2:13 pm
Hi latha

Lovely to hear from you and more so to know that you are Rammi’s co-sister. I also remember her, her parents Mr and Mrs Hiranaiya and Sandhya and Kesari with much affection. We lived next door and played together as children. Sandhya and my younger sister were class mates and friends as well. Thanks for passing on my writeup to all of them.

Resourceful Says:
June 27, 2007 at 4:40 pm
Wow, these childhood memories make you very nostalgic indeed. I grew up in Hutti Gold Mines, Raichur Dist, Karnataka (1970-1985). I could relate to most of what you said, similar place and happenings.

Maureen Says:
July 4, 2007 at 5:49 am
Interesting article Bridget.
Mine were in a similar vein to your memories . I lived in a Railway Colony in Podanur. Happy childhood memories , gone bu not forgotten.

Arvind Says:
July 5, 2007 at 10:21 pm
Hi Bridget,
You talk about your aunts being strict disciplinarians. Well, I studied in KGF School in the early 70s and I can vouch for that!
We were absolutely terrified of Miss Morris and Miss White! But the time we spent at KGF school was great fun and infact 22 of us (all classmates of the school) met up only last week in Bangalore!
Jayaraj Says:
January 17, 2010 at 9:01 pm
Hi i too studied till 69 at KGF School..don’t recall but if you can contact then we can connect……..after all KGF was a small town
Bridget White kumar Says:
July 6, 2007 at 6:45 pm
Hi Arvind
Yes my Aunts were feared and loved by all their students. Sadly they are no more. But everyone remembers them with affection. What’s you surname by the way. We used to live opposite the skating Rink.
Fred Says:
September 15, 2007 at 9:44 am
Hello Bridget!
An interesting read. Thanks. My interest in Kolar relates to my Grandfather who worked on the Mysore Mine in the early 1900s. I’d love to know how I can verify his existence at the mines. His marriage certificate (1905) indicates that he was a “millman”. Would you know of any authoritative sources (e.g. historical society) in Bangalore or Kolar from whom I could get information? Pls let me know. Incidentally, I was born in Bangalore! I look forward to ‘hearing’ from you.
Regards and good health. Fred

Nandini Says:
October 22, 2008 at 11:09 pm
Hi bridget,
I don’t know which year you studied inKGF.I studied in St.Joseph’s Convent and was in BEML colony.Yes, I remeber KGF very nostaligally. The strict nuns ( we had Sis MAry of JEsus, Sis. .Maureen.Sis Margaret and others)inculcated so much discipline, so hard to find these days… I too am a journalist.
Would like to more about you and KGF if you still have connections

bridgetkumar Says:
October 23, 2008 at 4:56 pm
Hi Nandini
Sorry for taking so long to get back to you both. I would love to meet up with you. I’m a self published author of 5 Anglo-Indian Recipe books. Please do visit I’m sure you’ll ind it interesting.

bridgetkumar Says:
October 23, 2008 at 4:59 pm
Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. There’s no historical society as such in KGF. However, you could get some information from the churches and Mr Valentine Powel who tries to keep a record of the old people of KGF. You could also verify the British Records on line.

Sr. Elsamma Jacob Says:
November 20, 2008 at 11:54 am
Dear Bridget Kumar,
Greeting for SJCKGF….
We were glad to see your write up… if you can contact me to address :
Sr. Elsamma Jacob.
St. Joseph’s Convent Girls High School,
Champion Reefs,
Kolar Gold Fields – 563117.
Ph : 08153-274555

USHA Says:
December 9, 2008 at 7:43 pm

Jhansi Says:
July 1, 2009 at 9:09 pm
Hi Usha,

I too studied at St Josephs around the same time that you mentioned. I remember a classmate of mine named Usha who lived near the Five Lights. Is that you? It’s been ages that I moved out of KGF but to be honest, I cherish the memories of my childhood days at KGF….Teachings of our Teachers hold high values. I remember most of them with high regards. Hope to hear from you.

Venkatesh Says:
March 18, 2009 at 4:41 pm
We were neighbhours of the Gibbs in Robertsonpet. Mr Gibbs was a absolute delight, he had some really funny stories to share. He used to scold my mom for not feeding us chicken (we are vegetarians). And once my granny was really sick with a Asthma attack and he gave her a couple of teaspoons of his brandy. I remember Mrs Queenie Gibbs was so strict with us kids. I used to hate her as a kid, but can now to relate to her. I think the Anglo Indians really gave a lot of character to KGF. As a kid I also used to love watching them play hockey.
I would like to disagree with the author of this blog about KGF being one happy family. I dont think a similar sentiment will be expressed by people in all strata, especially the ones who had to clean the waste.

Kumar S Says:
March 21, 2009 at 10:36 pm
Its great! to recall Memories…. of childhood of being KGF-ites

Kumar S Says:
March 21, 2009 at 10:40 pm
As i born & bought up in KGF, i did my graduation in 2000, i would like to see people like Mr.K to share his thoughts as he did by everyone else.

Jessie Singh Says:
July 9, 2009 at 4:42 pm
Hi Bridgette, & to all my kgfites who remember me
Interesting writeup Bridgette, we all have wonderful memories of our roots KGF, I think I stll have the opportunity to retain my beautiful, lovely house at Oorgaum. My Dad A.R.Singh, am sure will be remembered with a lot of affection. Well, I write this with pride my Dad A.R. Singh was known as the LION OF KGF, seem conceited ain’t I, well I am, very proud to be known as his daughter.
We sisters studied at St. Joseph’s Convent. Our teaching of the Nuns and Teachers were sure of high value. Strict disciplinarians. Recently I had the opportunity to speak with most of my classmates after 30 long years. Hope this reaches out to all my other schoolies. Love you all my kgfites.

Jayaraj Says:
January 17, 2010 at 8:57 pm
Hi Jesie
I do remember you, maybe if you send your co ordinates we can re establish contcat
shantha Says:
July 27, 2009 at 5:47 pm
Hi Brigit and all others
I too am proud of KGF. I studied at St. Joseph’s and left KGF in 1969 after my PUC.My mother still lives in Robertsonpet and I visit her often. I live in the US now. Will love to hear from any of my friends.
Please reply

July 29, 2009 at 7:34 pm
hi Brigit and all others I Studied in KGF School early 70 s terrifed of Miss Morris and Miss White but the time we spentin KGF School have grate fun my frinds are BURDY CLDWINDISE ASHLY PETERS DERIC BROWN HUGIN PETERS And many more now I am 52 years old working in NMDC As Deputy manager in iron ore mines chhathisgarh north india.

Amarnath Says:

September 4, 2009 at 7:10 pm
Hi Bridget Kumar,

Thank you for bringing out some golden memories of KGF. I am a product of KGF School. Mrs Bothwick was my first class teacher followed by Miss. Pinto, Mrs Godfrey, Miss White and Miss Morris. Mr. Pinto was the Headmaster. I am proud of the teaching standards and discipline followed by the school, that formed the foundation to a successful career for me.I was living in Oorgaum (between the police station & railway station) and was neighbour to Miss Pinto (jr & sr). In my childhood days I was a frequent visitor to Oorgaum Hall to watch movies with my dad (VB Sudarisanan)and his friend ND Vogt. Later, I was working in BGML and used to visit KGF Club (ex Oorgaum Hall) and Nundydroog Club (Skating Rink). Now, I have settled in the UK. I would be happy to establish contact with my school mates and friends.

kalpana Says:

September 8, 2009 at 4:38 pm
Hi Bridgette and all KGFites
Iam proud of KGF. I studied at St. Joseph’s and left KGF in 2001 after my PUC.Transfered to Bangalore only for the purpose of job.though the life style is different today but the happiness what we had in KGF is different simple life with more of happiness.
KGF life is really special with lots of sweet memories

ravi chandran raj Says:

September 17, 2009 at 3:13 pm
hi briget,


Every time i visit KGF , the roots. , wonderful memories ., the glories past of the place[little england] . , the great people who still love and pride KGF totally captivates me.


i want to make a documentary film on kgf picturising the feeling of life in kgf through the people .


been all over india there is no great place like the “little england”

no other country, and no other govt in the world would have left a place like kgf to its current level of status. lee.

bridgetkumar Says:

November 14, 2009 at 11:46 am
Hi Ravi
Please email me on

Maria Says:

September 26, 2009 at 3:20 pm
Hi All,
I am also from kgf and i am proud to be from such a beautiful place,i studied in william richards school and did my graduation in first grade college. i am really really happy to read this article about kgf….i am lucky to be a part it.There is no place in this world which i can compare to kgf..the love of neighbours,the celebration of all festivals, the 1st cross road, my college….i only have tears in my eyes now if i talk about my place. KGF is disappearing…..but i dont want it to happen. Is there any way to save KGF???? i want this beautiful place to be recognised again….Can we do something to save our place.i love kgf…i can never forget my memories in kgf…KGF hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

P.B.Rajeshwaran Says:

October 10, 2009 at 6:40 pm
Hai Maria,
Im also from KGF, i studied my primary and middle school at st.Josephs Convent and my high school at st.Mary’s School, PUC at FGC and now working in the Gulf. I really accept all the fact what u have mentioned about KGF. “There is no place on Earth like KGF”. My parents still live in KGF and i visit them once in a year. I luv the place and the weather.

bridgetkumar Says:

November 14, 2009 at 11:44 am
Hi Everyone. I’m overwhelmed with the response from all of you to my little article on KGF. Thank you all very much. For some real KGF Nostalgia and for some lovely pictures of all the familiar landmarks of KGF please do visit my Blog I’m sure you all will long for KGF all the more. Bridget

jeromias paul Says:
November 20, 2009 at 8:43 pm
Hi Bridget kumar,
Thanks for your article, I along with my brother VINCENT PAUL studied from 1970-75, Still cherish the memories of my school days, I stayed in Marikuppam near Mysore hall, my friends were Samson,Simon jesudas,louis,chavan,bhartyfisher,keith brown,halge,morris,ashly peters etc.It was really great living in KGF we really had great fun,I am settled in bangalore right now.Hope KGF comes back to its glory some day.
Bridget White-Kumar Says:
November 22, 2009 at 11:46 am
Thanks Jeromias.

Suma Says:
November 23, 2009 at 8:57 pm
Hi everyone,
I too am a KGF. I was born there but lived in bangalore. Since it is my birth place, KGF/Andersonpet/Oorgaum station is very very close to my heart. My grandmom and my uncles still live there. I am right now in the UAE but make it a point to visit KGF every year without fail.
kanina bose Says:
December 2, 2009 at 6:37 pm
hi bridget!
what a dream write up!i am from kgf too.studied in st josephz under sister mary of jesus.i passed out in 82 from school.your article has taken me back to those good old dayz!though we were from beml the anglo indian influence on us was daughter spent all her childhood summer holidayz in kgf and sayz that the bangarpet station is straight out of malgudi dayz!shez doing her architecture from delhi now.dr.saldahna and his family have been my friendz for u know them? in fact rosa his daughter was my class was truly wonderful going down memory lane. god bless and lotz of luck and luv reply!

Napolean Says:

December 11, 2009 at 3:09 am
Hi Bridget/And all great KGF friends
Home Sweet Home Ther’s no place like home ,Dear friends I was born , brought @ studied PKSN/BGML SCHOOL batch 87/90 .old house 24 N.T BLOCK OORGAUM ,If i see any article or news about kgf my heart go’s back to golden days ,which will ever come ,going to mother of mines church,twon,sitting in railway station ,convent school girls waaa what a days ,christmas ,pongal time,my school & negibourwood friends ,when I will get all these back ,I sincerly pray god to bless the city of gold again & great good pepole ,,,bridget good work keep it up god bless you,,,,,Napolean Canada

Bridgetkumar Says:
December 14, 2009 at 11:45 am
Hi Napolean.Thanks. Seasons greetings and a Happy New year to all

Swarna Says:
March 10, 2010 at 8:36 am
Hi Bridget, Thanks for your writeup and I too share the same memories of KGF. Too bad its almost dead now.
I did my 1-10 in SJC and cant find such teachers anywhere now. The passion and discipline that they had is worth acknowledging. I am sending my Heart felt THANK YOU to all the teachers of SJC ( 1975-1985) through your blog


Zippo said...

I too studied in KGF at St.Mary's Boys school during 1952-53. The original school at that time was destroyed in a mine blast and the school functioned at a disused airforce shed in a desolate place. My father was the manager of SPENCER & CO then. The place had the ambience of a small English town. Life was wonderful then.

Thiru and Pushpa said...

I am so delighted to see the post, i studies in St Joseph’s Convent. i felt utmost pleasure reading your blog. I agreed with the person in the earlier post that live was so much wonderful and our days were so disciplined. It is so hard to teach our children what we learnt with the upcoming and emerging technology and exposure.

anthony said...

Remember the Green Bus, and the KGF Schoolboys yelling CONVENT BUGS? And the teachers in the bus retorting KGF TICKS HOCKEY STICKS (.....and the girls in the bus stifeled their giggles!)

Rajesh said...

I studied in St.Joseph's Convent till VII standard it was in the year 1982 i think. it was a wonderful time with all the fun and childwood mischiefs. i am trying to find my class mates through orkut and face book, if anyone studied in that perticular year please paste your comments here.

ashvini said...

wow st josephs convent the best of ever i can say, ofcourse who can forget those borums outside the gate, the best thing i can say about my school is its the HEAVEN on earth, i studied thr for 10 years my most wonderfull moments wer spent in st josephs m really missing those days, st josephsconvent always rocks

kanina said...

hi bridget!thankx a ton for posting such a wonderful snapshot of our school!i have studied there for 10 whole years n what an awsome experience it was!the tuck shop was our fav place.the sticky red toffees were a personal fav!i remember waiting for the carrier man to bring our lunch boxz...mine would alwayz be the last to arrive complaining of a cycle puncture everyday!i remain eternally grateful to all my teachers for the kind of rock solid education they imparted...i miss those good old dayz...moreso now that i m in delhi n my students[yes i teach english] dont even understand what a tuck shop is!!!

Anonymous said...

hi dis is padmini here... even i have studied in st.joseph's convent for 10 yrs... still today my rememberance of the school days are ever green i can never forgt the 10th std batch when we were all together and kanina is my classmate... hope so u remember me. thanks to our teachers who has instilled knowledge , good behaviour, discipline, which we carry upto this day and impart to our children. As i am a litreacy and numeracy teacher in Sydney- Australia.... still i remember and enjoy my child-hood days.. at times i think it would be a pleasure if we all students meet once again i our own school seeing each one of us and exchanging our views.

Suba said...

I also studied at StJosephs from 1977 to 1987. I was so delighted to see my school photo and reading the mails. The love and respect we had for our teachers cannot be seen now a days. It was wonderful and my most happiest moments were spent there. I could see that many of the students of the school have mailed to u. I would like to contact one person Kalpana. If u could give me her mail id or only if she could read this mail, she can contact me at I am from BEML nagar and we had a great time at our place. It was the most precious moments of my life. Hope to see more photographs of our school



arun said...

to kanina,,,,,, what is tuckshop hai let me introduce myself i am niviya from same school living in delhi,so happy to know of somany people'msg. could u tell where you are putup, i am residing at janakpuri

arun said...

hai anand ,as u miss we too miss this lovely place ,the memories still fresh,,hope u got me ........from delhi

arun said...

hai everybody , i had messaged to anandraj pls reply...also my wife has written on my behalf to kanina of the same school reply awaited...any others who can communicate are welcome ......i am also a product of kgf working in delhi ,all are invited

SATHISH said...



Remember the Green Bus, and the KGF Schoolboys yelling CONVENT BUGS? And the teachers in the bus retorting KGF TICKS HOCKEY STICKS (.....and the girls in the bus stifeled their giggles!)

sudha Reddy said...

I also studied in SJS and passed out in 1976. In fact i used to travel by train from Bangarapet along with my sisters. I have such wonderful memories.I would like to get in touch with my friends who studied with me.Please contact me. I can never forget all my teachers and i owe my success to all those great teachers.

prakash said...

i am i am 27,studied in st teresas school, working as computer lecturer in govt school, opp to new bustand. when i am 3 rd in that stage i remember lot of things the atmosphere, the location it was really like london, when i read this my tears rolls out such a beautifull place ,friends everything marvellous excellent, missing those days , really thank u to remember of my past

madhu said...

Hi, iam a old student of st.joseph's girls high school,i was very thrilled to see the photos of my school,I cannot forget Mrs.Rao,Mrs.malthi,Mrs.sunandha,our drawing teacher mr.deshpande,our kannada sir mr.Venkatappa,they were such beautiful teachers.I am married and was in chitradurga,there i met Sister juliana, i was on the verge of tears seeing her and talking to her.even i remember the tucks there,it was such a simple and satisfied life.

jansi said...

jansi sheela,
i missed my memoriable place that i couldnt get again st joseph convent from lkg to 10th i thank all my guru

CONYBIO said...

Hi, Bridget,Iam Asifa,finished my 10th in 1980,now in chennai.your blog has brought back those unforgettable sweet memories.I long to see the photos of our complete school,if u have pls post them on this blog.My grnd father was a tamil pandit,Mr. Razack.
Its very difficult to contact my classmates, pls help us in finding them.


Padmini said...

i love my school sjc, i also KGF the most.. im really so happy to read this blog on the net, thanks for the inniciation taken.. all josephites love u all.. i remeber the days.. travelling in the red bus and autos just paying 2 rupees..sitting in the front with the driver. the lunch time under the trees.. sharing with friends. i really miss those days..

charles said...

hi folks ! charles here. on seeing your write-ups, i went searching for people whom i may have come across, for me too a student of SJC upto 7th.And then on to Lindsay memorial-upto 10th(1980).recently i could find some of my buddies like naveen,prabhu,nirmal,dominic,etc.I am still looking out for my old friends/classmates like srimathi,radhika lavi,maya balliga,rekha,uma maheswari.....
i only wish if i could meet them.there are certain things in life which or whose presence is felt even in their absence too...
Great place of learning....KGF
contact me at

Hema said...

It is so wonderful to see this space"St.Joseph`s Convent", though I finished school 20 years back, the memories still seem fresh...Not to forget our lovely teachers Ms.Tekla,Mrs.Malathi,Mrs.Rao,mrs.Devaraj,Bro.Dass(as we fondly called him),Ms.Uma,Mrs.Vimala,Mrs.Vasanthi(Middle school,Mrs.Philo,Mrs.Sheela....oh! I can go on.....I cannot forget the values they instilled in me & my Sisters Sangeetha & Madhu who all studied here......Lovely to go back to these memories.....SJC has indeed laid the foundation for what I am today leading a Company of more than 70 people strong & still growing....Thank you all you lovely people there.....Warm Regards, Arthi Kumar

Aruna Das said...

OMG reading the posts brought tears to me eyes!!! i studies in St. Joseph too and i can never ever forget those wonderful memories. Madhu (posted here) has mentioned all MY favorite teachers too!!! please i would like to mention my friends names as well if they read this post please get in touch with me at, Supriya, Shanthala, Swarna, Vishala, Leena, Usha BAi, J G Aruna, S Aruna, R Anitha.....i have the whole list but no space here!!

Deepa said...

Kolar Gold Fields - NOSTALGIA: St Joseph's Convent , Champion Reefs, KGF
Kolar Gold Fields - NOSTALGIA: St Joseph's Convent , Champion Reefs, KGF

Its hard to believe that I am actually speaking to people who studied in St Joseph's Convent school. I am an old student of my absolutely fantastic school, which has brought me up in the right way to success.
I studied on St Joseph's from LKG to 5std after which I moved to Bangalore after my dad moved his business to Bangalore.
When someone asks me about school memories, the first thing that strikes me is my first day at school in my UKG class (1985). It was Miss Clarence class and I was wearing a white frock. I cried the whole way till school but when I entered the class I was with a big smile :). I studied in the school until 5th std 1991. I remember a few of my class mates Rajarajeshwari (best friend), Rupa, Swaroop , Vinoth, Jerry ...those are the few names I can remember. I remember I used to be in the Karatae class which was taken outside the 5th std class.
The green skirt with green and white checked blouse still makes me smile.

It is absolutely wonderful to see the picture of my school which existed only in my memories....

Take care everyone,

gg said...

Hi All

I am James Gerald, my sister is Mary premila Doris and my brother is Richard Ezekiel
I had studied when Vijaylakshmi was my 7std class teacher,
Miss Flora in 4th std now at St. Germain School Bangalore,
Miss Margaret, Miss catherine,
I had visited 10yrs ago with some charity package as a team
anybody knows me can contact me

sharon said...

Hello All,
I am Sharon Clement
I studied from St Joseph’s convent from 1981 to 1990, LKG to 7th standard. When I go through these blogs I am filled with tears. A city which I can never forget for it is so close to my memories and heart.
I had wonderful teacher like; Ms Sheila, Ms Greta, Ms Suganthi, Ms Philo, Ms Kasturi(Kannada and Hindi) Ms Kala, Ms Jessie, Ms Caroline, Ms Mercy and many other whom I am not able to recollect.
Salute you’ll for the knowledge parted with me.
My friends/ class mates, Vinod (NInnu) ,Sudhakar(Bend Kaiyya) ,Sharath Babu, Satish, Sounder, Sunil(Navy) Murali manoharan, Murali Mohan, Kiran Pothinees, Pradeep, Swaroop, Vignesh, Venkatesh, Shobha, Hema Latha(Class leader), Veena, Sindhu, Muriel Prema Pinto, Sangeetha Nair, Bhargavi, etc.
Incase if anybody knows me please do mail me at

Sharon Clement

Bridget White-Kumar said...

I am Sharon Clement
I studied from St Joseph’s convent from 1981 to 1990, LKG to 7th standard. When I go through these blogs I am filled with tears. A city which I can never forget for it is so close to my memories and heart.
I had wonderful teacher like; Ms Sheila, Ms Greta, Ms Suganthi, Ms Philo, Ms Kasturi(Kannada and Hindi) Ms Kala, Ms Jessie, Ms Caroline, Ms Mercy and many other whom I am not able to recollect.
Salute you’ll for the knowledge parted with me.
My friends/ class mates, Vinod (NInnu) ,Sudhakar(Bend Kaiyya) ,Sharath Babu, Satish, Sounder, Sunil(Navy) Murali manoharan, Murali Mohan, Kiran Pothinees, Pradeep, Swaroop, Vignesh, Venkatesh, Shobha, Hema Latha(Class leader), Veena, Sindhu, Muriel Prema Pinto, Sangeetha Nair, Bhargavi, etc.
Incase if anybody knows me please do mail me at

Sharon Clement

geetha said...

Hi all there am geetha here finished my 10th in 1986 batch its really so heart whelming to see all the photoes again, in fact visited the school 4months back trying to find my friends.
Thankyou Bridget White for your all u r doing to revive sweet memories of kgf

raja said...

My name is S Raja, studied in St.Tresa's School, Sumathi Jain where I was playing kho-kho and won dist. level during 1977 and FGC.

At KGF we had own house and a Type writing institute name is BALAJI INSTITUTE OF COMMERECE, Opp. Sumathi Jain High School, ROBERTSONPET, KGF

Now I am working in BEML at Chennai my mail id is and my mobile No. 9176310837

I can't forget my KGF life where I lived for 38 years. My friends are Murali, Mohan, yuvaraj, Thyagu, Prabhu Vasantha Kumar, Nargunan (ITI-Bangalore), Pratap, A.Babu, KP Radhakrishnan, etc.

Any one know me, pl keep in touch
I will be visiting KGF during end Dec., 11 to enjoy early morning snow.


S Raja

raja said...


Nice remembrance of KGF life style and very happy to see photographs of my motherland (KGF).

Raja, S

VANU said...

Iam overwhelmed by seeing all the comments. I and my sister had the privilege to study in this beautiful school. It was a god gift for us. I am missing this school very much. LIFE WAS WONDERFUL during our stay in the school.

John said...

hi madam,

ur book leaves me shed tears every single from quite some.i sit and the glory days i really feel like running back to place every moment i read ur i see th buses corroded in central workshop,the BGML hospital conditions.sometimes it hurts me badly i mourn for the place i still stay.Iam so happy to read ur articles every day but u give me the gift to shed tears everytime i read the articles.hope Mr.richard johnson or Mr.patrick taylor mite help in getting some memories of the beautiful memories of childhood.Hope to see more articles from you.rgds John

Sridharan said...

Hi' This is Sridharan. Born in KGF, Studied in Sri Numperumal School, Andersonpet, KGF, St. Mary's School & KGF First Grade College, worked in State Bank of Mysore - continuous to be a proud and happy resident of 'OUR KOLAR GOLD FIELDS.' Hope some of you can place me. I contributed a little in the preparation and publication of the previous two books on KGF. Another one under preparation. What can I do for you, my dear KGF-ites? (

Malthy Sham said...

Hey Guys,
Good to see so many KGF'ites on this site...WOW....Hats off to Bridget..I mean how did it even occur to you and dint to us...well Bridget, we all owe u big time...thanks for the post and Oh BTW my name is Malthy Sham and studied in St.Joseph's convent for 12 long years and passed out in 1988. In fact our batch was one of the best, most of us r in touch on FB and the best part is we have a reunion with our classmates every year and most of us try to make it. Very delighted to see so many people and thanks a ton for the blog and pics and do please let me know if we can upload some pics of our batch and some nice pics of our school...Thanks a mega tom - Love always -Malthy

Bridget White-Kumar said...

Thanks all of you for your wonderful comments. Please send me the pictures malthy and I'll upload on my Blog. Like all of you, I have a strong emotional attachment to my old school St Joseph's Convents and to KGF in paricular. I've written a book on KFD which is truly nostalgic. You could read about it on my blog and then get copies if you like. The books are also available online from Thanks and regards. Bridget

nal said...

Good work Lady. Thanks.
No harm in trying to get in touch with my old favourites (I'm Nalini Natarajan -passed 10th - 1984 from BEML)Some names that I can remember are
Miss Betty, 1st Standard teacher.
Miss Jenny, 6th standard teacher
My classmates (Arlene Rose Mary Digges, Sathyashree K N, Mythili Sarangapani, Kumudhini Kulashekaran, Priya Ramaswamy, Banumathy, Usha, Meera, Rehamath, sisters Sayeeda & Saqura, Manjula Loganathan, Manjula Doraiswamy ....) Hm! I do remember so many of them 30-40 years down memory lane. Anybody out there - reach me @

Mags said...

Hi Aruna Das,

This Manju, your class mate, remember i come along with Anitha and Aruna in the school Bus. Great Ms, Bridget. wherever we go around the world they ask which school u studied we say St.Joseph's GREAT they say, i always remember our motto ALWAYS OUR BEST i still have it.Thanks Aruna, Hey we miss all our friends, i will mail to you. Anitha aruna ushaBai, leena Girls how r you'll keep in touch .

parameshwari said...


Vivek p said...

Hi Guys .. was just suffing and found this site ... It was like a 70 mm flash back of my days in StJ's between 1979 to 86.. still remember all my teachers from 1st to 7th .. :-) Brings a simle to my face :-)

Ragini Chirravuri said...

Hi My maiden name is Ragini Rao. I studied at St.Joseph's Covent from 1966 to 1968 - 6 to the 8th grade.In your blog I read about Usha's comment. I am looking for Usha Vinayagam. Is that you? Also, I am searching for Prelatha Gowda. If anyone knows their where abouts please email me at I have wonderful memories of St.Joseph and the KGF Club!

Ragini Chirravuri said...

HI My name is Ragini Rao. I studied at St.Joseph's Convent in the late 60s. I did my 6 to 8 grade there. I am looking for Usha Vinayagam and Prelatha Gowda (Maiden Names) if anyone knows their whereabouts please email at I have wonderful memories of St.Joseph and had a great childhood there. I remember a Parsi teacher - dont remember her name. Thanks for this blog.

Ragini Chirravuri said...

HI My name is Ragini Rao. I studied at St.Joseph's Convent in the late 60s. I did my 6 to 8 grade there. I am looking for Usha Vinayagam and Prelatha Gowda (Maiden Names) if anyone knows their whereabouts please email at I have wonderful memories of St.Joseph and had a great childhood there. I remember a Parsi teacher - dont remember her name. Thanks for this blog.

Shyamala Ramu said...

Hi all frnds ..iam shyamala batch yr is 2001 7st seeing this post tears are flowing i did my studies upto eight std in sjc iam feel proud to be student ter if any off my frnds ter and ter names are nandhini rajeswari lavanya priya sudha arvind karthick avinash lokesh sudhakar umasankar if any ter contact me

Shyamala Ramu said...

Hi am shyamala

Unknown said...

hi all. i was also a student of sjc from 1970 to 1978 and reading all your coments brings about a nostalgic moment and cherish every single event i enjoyed during those wonderful days cant forget our school concerts during christmas, beautiful garden, and the peaceful chapel, the sisters, the tuckshop, yummy tofees, omg, i miss you sjc..mrs.lathaswaminathan

Rosie Hales said...

Hullo Bridget, my uncle was born in Oorgaum and I think my mother was as well. I don't know how old you are, but I am wondering if you know anything about the Griffith-Jones family? There were 5 children, 3 boys and 2 girls all of whom are now dead. I would so love to know anything about them. I would imagine they went to school there at least for their early childhood. I have just bought your book on the internet and am looking forward to reading more about Oorgaum.. Kind regards, Rosie.

Joyce Beaula said...

WOw.....Very much glad to see all the comments thank you for the link
even i finished my schooling in St Joseph's convent school till 10th std completed in the year 2007.

kundalakesi said...

today only i came across KGF - NOSTALGIA I studied 5th and 6th std in 1975 and 1976. My class teacher was Miss.Rose and Sis. Margaret.
sweet memories of that school I always cherish.I settled in Lucknow but recently I brought my children and my father-in-law and showed our school. They were surprised to see the school is well maintained and clean. All my sisters and my two brothers too studied in SJS. Kundalakesi Peter.

Sanctified Spaces said...

Hi All, my memories of William Richards school and St. Joseph's Convent are fresh although dated :)) ... We moved to BLR I think in 1978 or 79. The best place I have lived all through my life. It was straight out of a comic the buses ... The train ... The buildings ... The teachers ... The gooseberry trees ... The sisters ... The mines in the background ... Lunch time games .... The bus ride to school and back from KGF colony .... The hills around ... The ice cream seller ... Awesome ... Is there a place like that today ... Thanks for the memories and pls share any old pics that anyone might have .... Thanks, Muthu

praneer ravi said...

Hi Mrs. Bridget
I am M. Dharani Devi, I also studied in SJC from 1979 to 1989. My house is in BGML Hospital Backside. My mom and my brothers are in B'lore. Now iam settled in Chennai thankyou for combining many people on your blog.

Hi Hema I don't know which Hema is that because I had 2 friends Hemavathy and Hemalatha.
I miss many of my friends and rememberance. Especially My class teachers Mrs. Dingle, Mrs. Jenny, Mrs. Grace.
Schools days are very memorable days. I want know about my classmate Srivani, Suma, N.Bharathi, if you know them try to convey my messages that still I remember them.

visentj said...

Hi All,

I still cherish those old KGF memories... studied in St.Marys and KGf first grade collge(CBZG).. I still remember few class mates and friends...Brenda Butcher, Veena, Krishna Murthy, Sanjay.... I hope to see them all again.....


Premila said...

Hello ..

Any time one would be proud to have studied in St. Joseph's. A school with such lovely campus, teachers friends etc., which we rarely get to see here in Bangalore. I studied from Std 3 to 9 - 1976 to 1982. Std 3 to 7 in the Private Section. My classmates were Rupa, Seema, Usha Arlene, Rohini, Nushrath, Navin, Ramesh and high school was Maria, Margaret who I understand is a teacher there. I am in touch with Sabitha from High School. Never visited this place after 1982. Wish to visit. When I watch "How green was my valley" I can only think of KGF. It brings such awesome memories.. St. Theresa's Church.. Mother Mary's church in the forest, first friday mass in the evening.. lovely breezy whether.. people running to watch movies in the tent cinema in the evenings.. .... Hmmmnnnnn.... Mary ( I had a long name but people knew me as Mary only)..

Unknown said...

Hi I am james

Studied between 1973 to 1982
I can be reached at 9243416236
thanks all especially to Ms. Bridget,
to all friends Miss Catherine is now St. Germain High School Bangalore

James Gerald

Ernest Felix said...

Hello friends, I am Ernest Felix. I studied in St.Joseph's Convent from the Baby Class to 7th Standard from 1963-1972. Though boy's school in St.Joseph's convent were only up to the 4th standard, every year as I progressed from 4th to 5th, 5th to 6th and 6th to seventh, the class was extended to boys. So we were the first batch of boys to study up to 7th standard in a Girl's school. There were two sections in 7th standard, I remember in both the section we boys were an absolute minority with only 3 boys and 40 girls in the class. I remember a few of my class mates, Harinath, Muralie, Paul Jairaj, Vasanthi, Linda, Jayanthi, Amudha, Miriam... And we had many lovely teachers, who had dedicated themselves to teaching and will always be in our heart and in our thoughts.. and they are Sr.Domitala, Sr. Maureen, Sr.Josephine, Miss Deva, Miss Vasanthi, Miss Rama, Miss Pam and few more whom we used to address as Hindi Miss and Kanada Miss.
I think, even today I feel those were the most beautiful days of my life. And KGF was so beautiful I just cannot imagine that KGF can now look the way it is now a days.
All my friends who want to contact me to share those beautiful thoughts can contact me on

Srinivasan Govindaswamy said...

Hi Dear, Though i am not be from St.Joseph's, but i was born and bought up in Kolar Gold Fields, My Primary Education was from St.Teresa's and my High school was Sumathi Jain High School,right now i am in Delhi and traveled all around the world.

But still the Life i enjoyed when i was a kid in KGF is some this i miss even today.

Life was wonderful and the most happiest those day's, but unfortunately i was able to visit only once in the year 2016 and i want to meet all the young guys and girls of our generation at least once any one from KGF can ping me @

Thanks to all my friends of KGF.